What the F**k is a Gribbly?

What the F**k is a Gribbly?

Gribbly Threadz, is the building of a central hub where many content creators, clubs and entities in the tabletop gaming sphere will be able to host and promote each other for growth. What began as design work done as "seanzor" is moving over to Gribbly, and with that comes the back catalogue of projects I've worked on and future projects we work on as a company. So over time there will be more and more groups joining the party, and we will also do my best to support the creators we've worked with who already have a store of their own.

How does it benefit you? Support multiple creators in one place. Part of shopping online is always the shipping situation, and every creator who has their own store has to manage it, figure out the shipping, payment, pay for subscriptions, pay for marketing, blah blah blah. There's a lot of overhead. So Gribbly is a way to remove the overhead for people running podcasts, websites, discords, events, whatever and then also gives everyone the ability to support one or more of these groups in one big shop, rather than having to buy piecemeal from multiple different places. It's also a way to support the design work done by Gribbly. It's a big happy family.

How does it benefit the partner creators? Easy access to merchandise and marketing without overhead to help support their projects. Part of the system is to give back proceeds to the creators who are on the platform so they can continue to grow and produce quality content or put on great events or whatever each group does. We also revolving advertising and promotion on the Gribbly platforms for different creators and again, it's all a way of giving more reach and access to different groups.

I hope you enjoy everything we've got to offer and look forward to having you part of the Gribbly family in the future!

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